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Industrial project

Modern Ishtar GmbH is a independent industrial provider and Engineering:

  • Installation, Erection, Commissioning
  • Maintenance, Repair, Trouble Shooting, online help service
  • Modification, Verification, Inspection, Programming
  • Montage the Electrical Cabinet and installation Power station (LV-MV-HV)

1- Pishroo Teb Kariman EPCF Project (2017-2019)

Kerman comprehensive Radio- Oncology Center (KCRC)

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Finance

Designing of all structural, mechanical and electrical drawings


Execution of excavations, infrastructure

Concreting the roof and the masonry

Installation Electrical and Mechanical equipment

Installation and Commissioning of Medical equipment


2.Butia Steel Co. (Bisco)

Address: Kerman, Iran

  • Production: 2,5 Million Tons steel per year
  • Area: 630 Hectare
  • Our task: engineering and design of all power plants and substations (High and medium voltage), power supply for machines and supervising of execution


6,6- 33, 230 KV Substation and HV cabling

3.Steel Project (Zisco)

Zarand Iranian Steel Company

  • Addresse: Zarand Kerman Iran
  • Area: 390 Hectares
  • Production: 2 Million Tons Steel und 1,5 Million Tons Cast iron
  • Contractor Co. : Ghaem Reza Company
  • Procurement Co. : China Sino Steel
  • Our task: Execution of electrical installations – earthing system – installation of cable trays – cabling – establishment of electrical station (LV-MV-HV) Commissioning and cabling of devices

4.Kurdistan Barez Tire Co.

  • Address: Kurdistan, Iran
  •  Area: 44 hectares
  •  Annual production: 42 thousand tons Rubber Tire
  • Our task:
  • Technical office (engineering) and installation, commissioning of machines and utilities