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ModernIshtar Contact information

Modern Ishtar address - German office

Luitpold Str.2, Dinkelsbühl, Bavaria, Germany

Tehran Office

NO.16-242 Korosh Block-JanatAbad-Tehran-Iran

Kerman Office

Floor5, No 75, 15 Alley, Emam Jome Ave, Kerman, Iran

Contact Phones

004915730279906-Germany : 00494022861270

Tehran: 00982144894174

To contact our colleagues in Modern Ishtar, use the telephone numbers of the company’s offices (Iran Office, Dina Goostar Sapra) or modern Ishtar email.

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Floor5, No 75, 15 Alley, Emam Jome Ave, Kerman, Iran

09120463944 / 09123390451

Modern Ishtar

Official online sales representative of Siemens and Schneider industrial automation products in Iran

Ishtar is the name of one of the Assyrian goddesses. In myths, she is considered the goddess of the joy of love. The goddess who revived nature and brought abundance and fertility to humans. The most famous symbols of Ishtar are “Venus” or “Evening Star”. The most important ancient landmark associated with him is the Ishtar Gate or the gate of the city of #Over, also called the Azure Gate (because of its special color) and the original of this gate is now kept in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.