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About ModernIshtar Industrial Group

ModernIshtar Commercial Industrial Group started in 2011 with the aim of meeting the technical and technological needs of small, medium and large production and industrial units and in the field of supply and implementation of Siemens industrial automation systems and other brands of industrial automation with the name of Ishtar modern store. Works. Also, in 2018 in order to provide more services to the production and industry sector of our beloved country, we officially registered the ModernIshtar company in Germany.
Supply of high quality and various parts of industrial automation and low pressure by this center for the use of industrial machinery in production lines as well as extensive business and trade exchanges with large and small industrial companies in Germany and other EU member states. The name and reputation of Ishtar ModernIshtar Group has become a source of trust during these years and has made us trust you dear ones in the industry market and the technical and logistics department of large and small industrial companies.